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Airline Credit Cards


Someone asked me to recommend a good frequent flier miles credit card.

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question. Not every card will suit everyone’s needs. Only you can decide if you want an Airline Credit Card (collect points with one particular airline) or Bank Travel Credit Card (collect points and redeem with any airline).

I would suggest that you first look at your airline travel. When you fly, do you usually fly with one particular airline?

Visit the website of your favorite airline to research their credit card.

    * Look into how many miles you have to collect to redeem for a flight.
    * Pay attention to who they partner with as British Airways, KLM, SAA etc. may be part of their alliance
      so you can travel, using your points, on these airlines too.
    * What kind of travel & car rental insurance do they offer?
    * Do your points expire and if so when?
    * What is the annual fee, if any? Be careful of high interest rates.
    * Read the small print

Once you have made your choice, stick with it. Use the credit card not only to book travel but also for groceries, gas etc and see the points add up.

How to double dip…

    * Book flight with airline credit card
    * Buy duty free with airline credit card
    * Fly on airline and receive points for flying (AAdvantage, Skymiles, WorldPerks etc.)
    * Pay hotel with airline credit card (Hilton HHonors points for staying at the hotel + more Airline points)
    * Book rental car and choose frequent traveler program (Hertz #1 Gold Card another favorite of mine)
    * Pay rental car with airline credit card

Add up all the points from credit card purchases + airline + hotel + rental car points   =   Points towards your next Award travel flight or upgrade to First class. Happy Flying!

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